In these cases it may be necessary to manually install the Sentinel Driver. Or should we be looking at third party hardware key emulation? It is located here by default: Reply to Mark’s discussion. See the image below:. Max no of attachments: I realise the use of hardware keys as software protection is very old-school.

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Thanks very much Heena. Hi Mark, Yes, you are correct. Once this dialog box is displayed, no additional work may be eentinel within the RISA Product until the key is inserted. There are instances when uninstalling the key driver will leave remnants of information in the registry. There are times when the driver has some difficulty installing. Usb ultrapro sentinel Mark, Hope you are doing good. Many thanks again, Mark.

FabulaTech Forum – USB-Over-Network with Sentinel UltraPro and ESX VM

New to this Portal? See the image below:. Virtualisation is of course increasingly common in enterprise environments now so usb ultrapro sentinel seems somewhat unwise to be still be supplying software that usb ultrapro sentinel hardware key protection, particularly if those hardware keys do not support virtualisation.

This key may be plugged into any USB port on the machine.

When functioning properly the key will light up green or red when plugged into a running machine. By default, the dongle communication is disabled if “Terminal Services” are detected on Windows Servers. An option to allow terminal service is provided udb usb ultrapro sentinel Toolkit and this selected option is considered usb ultrapro sentinel runtime. To confirm that your machine is running the latest driver open the Device Managerwhich is accessible through the Windows Control Panel.


Any act or omission by a reader of this site is at the sole risk of the reader, and SafeNet, Inc. Thanks again for usb ultrapro sentinel assistance.

I will try selecting the option when I’m next on-site. I haven’t tried that and Terminal Services is indeed installed on the server.

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In these usb ultrapro sentinel it may be necessary to manually install the Sentinel Driver. It is located here by default: Clicking on the Driver usb ultrapro sentinel will reveal the Driver Version:. Publish Back to edit Cancel. We are considering dropping Exact Dental for something that has a licensing model more compatible with modern enterprise environments but we would prefer to stick with Exact if there’s a more simple solution.

Sentinel Protection Installer v7.4.2 Stand Alone (Drivers Only)

The design of Sentinel’s keys has changed over the years. Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic. Newer ones are black. The Hardware key was installed by the software vendor on a workstation, which of course is not ideal, so we would like to move the key to the server instead. To be honest, we were a little surprised to find this method still being employed for software intended to be used in modern enterprise environments.


In this instance it may be required to run the SSD Cleanup utility to fix this problem. If that works, and Safenet Usb ultrapro sentinel indicates successful communication, should the hardware key be detected by the usb ultrapro sentinel or will it be necessary to enable terminal services for that too somehow?

This will sometimes cause problems in reading the key when a new version of the key driver is installed. Or should we be looking at third party usb ultrapro sentinel key emulation? Click on Join Now to Sign Up.