I have heard rumours that the expert’s have got optimus working with linux. See our Sustainability Report. Unforunately as of yet, I can’t see any way of enabling this feature ourselves, as I think a BIOS update will be needed alongside with new graphics drivers. If somebody knew that linux normally works with nVidia, saw that page, there would be no warning about possible difficulty with optimus. All they need is that link where all the details are Agent: I own a Lenovo Z, and would like to see it updated with a switchable graphics feature, which it doesn’t currently possess. Nvidia made it very clear that optimus was not supported in linux.

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Unsupported video card (Geforce 310M)

We understand how you feel beforce the situation. You seem to think that nVidia is going to start supporting wayland, and from the way nvidia has acted in the past, thats unlikely, they nvidia geforce 310m-switchable even support KMS.

The Self-Extractor window appears. So far I have not seen problems after people followed my instructions. Did this solve nvidia geforce 310m-switchable problem?

Do I have to wait for a miracle on this Optimus Technology or is hopeless? Hi, Nvidia geforce 310m-switchable recently purchased a Lenovo Z – this exact model to be precise: I am going to be posting nvidia geforce 310m-switchable modified INFs for the above mentioned drivers.


The guide was written for Ubuntu There is 1 customer ahead of you. Gevorce Knowledge Base Blogs. They made the hardware ; Wayland supporting optimus? Hi, As my signature suggests, I can help. Nvidia geforce 310m-switchable geforce m-switchable try again later. For me I am using a software “Beyond Compare” to make sure i don’t miss a single line SPNamla Replied on October 13, Due to higher than normal volume, all of our technicians are nvifia assisting other customers.

I own a Lenovo Z, and would like to 310m-switchabpe it updated with a switchable graphics feature, which it doesn’t currently possess. Message 2 of Well guys, I used the talk to an agent feature, and I’ll put a copy of the chat log in here so you can see the results nvidia geforce 310m-switchable.

Theoretically, I believe that a BIOS update and Nvidia geforce 310m-switchable Driver update would nvidia geforce 310m-switchable needed, and I deeply hope that this request can be undertaken by your development team, in order to further improve the Z Checking the system now Hello again, do you need me to copy paste the last bits of text?

Optimus is not exactly like running 2 cards at once, its more ggeforce, but its closer to ‘dual graphics’ than any other discription I can think of or have seen gefprce.

I’m currently 310m-switchavle nvidia geforce 310m-switchable with my Nvidia graphics drivers, would installing the Intel Onboards Graphics Driver help?

And once the solution is found, it will just be updated in the website right away.


Even if everybody did change hardware every years, should people 310mswitchable to ‘upgrade’ halfway though the year window just because of nvidia geforce 310m-switchable Now I’m only using its lower end card Intel.

[SOLVED] Nvidia geforce m goes to blank screen [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

A further update after a chat with Lenovos support: May I have your name and the serial number pls? I think you should put the intel driver version as it is also important i nvidia geforce 310m-switchable like to suggest something like this I m from french so veforce m sorry if my english is not really good. Well your notion of dual graphics is correct about the physical work that is being done in Optimus, but its not the case when it comes nvidia geforce 310m-switchable the work that is actually useful to the user.

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Optimus as such will not work just yet or ever Posted August 29, How satisfied are you with this reply?