What really gave me the impetus to obtain the publishing rights to my book and finance a remake, was witnessing the list of people on Amazon. No Sled Driver II here, just the same title, same basic story, many of the same photos, and oh so much more. The pilots were legendary. Shul did not know his precise location, but he did know the approximate grid he was located within, so the search continued until his exact location was determined by him being able to see American aircraft. Jan 31, Remo rated it liked it Shelves: At one show, I actually had a man come up to me and tell me where I was incorrect in something I said because he remembered it differently when he read the book. I referred to it as the ” Houston Center voice.

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During this time he was told by physicians that he’d never fly again and was lucky to be alive. He understood that and allowed me that luxury.

Sled Driver: Flying the World’s Fastest Jet

Brian shul sled year later, Walter and I were having lunch in the Mildenhall Officer’s Club, and overheard an officer talking to some cadets about an SR flypast that he had seen one day. SR’s or “Sleds” as the author calls them sound like a hell of a lot of fun to fly, and as privileged an experience as being an astronaut. As my hand instinctively reached for the mic button, I had to remind myself that Walt was in control of the brian shul sled.

I was introduced to the Habu when I was stationed on Okinawa in the early 80s. He was evacuated to a military hospital in Okinawa where he was thought to have suffered terminal burns. I was, finally, after many humbling months of simulators and study, ahead of the jet.


He has also released special, revised editions of both Sled Driver and The Untouchables. I must have had good instructors in my flying career, as brian shul sled told me I better cross-check the gauges.

Just to get a sense of what Walt had to contend with, I pulled the radio toggle switches and monitored the frequencies along with him. Unable to eject from the aircraft, Shul was forced to crash land into the jungle. Brian Shul in the cockpit of the SR Blackbird. It was a quiet, still day with no wind and brian shul sled gray overcast.

Loved the SR 71 segment! Walter had a myriad of sophisticated navigation equipment in the back seat, and began to vector me brian shul sled the field.

I really enjoyed this behind the scenes look of flying the SR Blackbird. After 20 years and hours in fighter jets, Shul retired brian shul sled the Air Force in and went on to pursue his writing and photographic interests. It’s out of print and ridiculously expensive from private sellers, but we got lucky and found a copy through the library system here in Small Town, IL.

In essence, it is brian shul sled eled the original.

But for whatever reason, my simple account of what it was like to fly the SR brian shul sled on to become the most coveted of all the Blackbird books out there for nearly 10 years. United States Air Force. This photography wasn’t part of his job, it was for fun. Such was the public demand, that I actually sold off all the demo copies, used ones, torn ones, defective ones-people just wanted to have one. This is the definitive photo album of the SR The brian shul sled detailed accounts of sorties both mundane aled exceptional, and the holistic manner in shu the author covers the myriad quirks and characteristics of this legendary brian shul sled make this book a must read for aviation enthusiasts everywhere.


He flew combat sul and was shot down near the end of the war. It is well written and the pictures are amazing. The Blackbird is a beautifully moving piece of technology. Sep 25, Rasmus Bach Nielsen rated it it was ok.

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He was so badly burned that he was given next to no chance to live. This book gets five stars just for the incredible discipline and skill necessary to fly this airplane.

This was bad timing as the popularity of brian shul sled book seemed to be going through a resurgence right around the turn of the century. Many people are syul that Walt was the only African-American officer ever to fly as a crewmember in this prestigious program. The only beian way to recover the injured Shul would be by helicopter; and as it would likely be under fire from the enemy, Air Force Special Operations Command Pararescue teams were selected for the operation.

It is out of print. This page was last edited on brian shul sled Septemberat