Actually, that’s the philosophy AMD has adopted for high-end graphics in general. The pair of s in CrossFire mode really fall off a cliff at 2, x 1, The GPUs are essentially lifted from the single-chip board. At worst, the game won’t run at all. That board worked fairly well at first.

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But without direct contact with senior AMD reps, that’s not an option. Now, we suspect the X2 works as intended in 95 per cent of system configurations. But not, unfortunately, ours.

When that happens, a graphics card is forced to use the PCI Express bus to fetch data. The task for the new Radeon HD X2 is ati radeon hd 4870×2 clear. The X2 therefore packs 1, stream processor and a theoretical maximum compute performance of 2.

ATI Radeon HD x2 2gb X2 | eBay

At worst, the game won’t run at all. But that day has not arrived. Now brace yourself for the bad. And that means hideously slow frame rates. Against Doesn’t eadeon work.

But it isn’t, so it ain’t. To be taken seriously it must expunge all hint of multi-GPU unreliability and deliver the sort of stability and ease of use that users expect from a single-chip graphics card.


No such problem for the X2 and its twin 1GB memory buffers. Ati radeon hd 4870×2, what the X2 conspicuously does not do is to ati radeon hd 4870×2 the game forward in a technological sense. But there’s a problem. At best, you’ll get single-GPU performance. The X2 is also extremely user-friendly by multi-GPU standards. The GPUs are essentially lifted from the single-chip board.

ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2

We really want to like the new X2. The pair ati radeon hd 4870×2 s in CrossFire mode ardeon fall off a cliff at 2, x 1, If memory availability is not an issue, the X2 scales atk identically to the s in CrossFire. In the past, two chips on one board has been a recipe for double trouble, not double your fun. One day, a company will produce a multi-chip solution that behaves likes a single rendering device, thereby sidestepping current multi-GPU problems.

The X2 fails rdaeon deliver in the one game where you really want maximum performance, Crysis — as do the s in CrossFire mode. Actually, that’s ati radeon hd 4870×2 philosophy AMD has adopted for high-end graphics in general.

ATI Radeon HD 4870×2 2gb 4870 X2

In essence, the X2 remains CrossFire on a card and is every bit as dependent on driver support as any other multi-GPU technology afi available. When the X2 performs, it works extremely well.


Ati radeon hd 4870×2 like every other series card, the X2 offers DirectX And a whole lotta rendering fun: Multi-GPU technology in multi-card form has always been marginal in terms of stability and reliability; a somewhat worrisome fact for a single card that relies on multi-GPU performance scaling for its very existence.

One ati radeon hd 4870×2 lot, in other words. In many ways, especially the memory buffers and multi-monitor support, the HD is a dual-GPU done right.

And one that we can’t ati radeon hd 4870×2 all conscience recommend that you buy. Given more time and correspondence with AMD, we are sure that a solution will present itself. On paper, there are reasons to be optimistic. Our Verdict If it was completely reliable, it would be worthy of a gold award.